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The Death Penalty Project

It aims at campaigns for the abolition of the death penalty in Nigeria, and in the short term, challenges bad death penalty practices including mandatory death sentence, hanging as a mode of execution, and long death row custody. The project documents and annually publishes all confirmed death sentences in Nigeria, monitors death penalty practices in the country, and provides free legal representation to persons facing capital charges, including under Shari’a.

The Nigeria Death Penalty Group (NDELPG), convened by LEDAP comprises Non Government Organizations (NGO’s) and individuals working towards the abolition of the death penalty in Nigeria.

The Group is committed to:

· A moratorium on executions in Nigeria.
· Abolition of the death penalty for the crimes in Nigeria.
· The commutation of all death sentences to life imprisonment.
· Ratification and domestication of treaties providing for abolition of the death penalty, including the Second Optional Protocol to the International Convention on Civil and Political Rights, aiming at the abolition of the death penalty.