The Legal Defence and Assistance Project (LEDAP) is a non-governmental organization of lawyers and Law professionals, engaged in the promotion and protection of human rights, the rule of law and good governance in Nigeria. It has observer status with the Africa commission on human and peoples’ Rights.

Founded in 1997 by a group of pro bono lawyers working to protect and support political prisoners, the organization has grown to 1700 members across Nigeria. It has zonal coordinators and offices in Oshogbo, Jos, Kano, Awka and Port Harcourt, with national office in Lagos. Its Organizational structure includes the management board and the administration headed by the National Coordinator, Chino Obiagwu SAN, and Executive Programmes Manager, Pamela Okoroigwe.


Rule of Law and Good Governance

LEDAP provides free legal representation to poor and vulnerable victims of human rights violations. It undertakes programmes to raise awareness of the legal community in Nigeria of international human rights norms and how they can be integrated into the system of administration of justice in the country. It works with the Directors of Public Prosecution to improve administration of criminal justice in the country.