Date: 23rd – 27th October 2017

Venue: Lagos, Nigeria.


The 5-day workshop was an insight into Security Management. It explored the various work required by member staff and management of organizations in the area of physical and digital security. The function of the workshop was to identify various sources of threat to our work and measures required to reduce our vulnerability.

The workshop was also an exposition into information security. It identified the need to classify information based on security requirement and the various ways of protecting this information from unauthorized access or loss. During the training, participants were introduced and guided on how to use relevant software for information security management. These include the veracrypt software for data encryption, ccleaner for secure deletion and the GPG4usb for encryption of email communications.

Discussions at the workshop identified gap areas in information security, along with the need to move forward on:

  1. Understanding how adequate information security in an organization can help prevent unauthorized access to/ loss of information.
  2. The importance of digital security to ensure that our computer operates in a healthy environment and data is protected against viruses.
  3. Risk Assessment by which we review our organization’s security structure/ strategy, identify sources of threat and devise ways to manage them.
  4. Analyzing Stakeholders to identify our supporting and opposing forces, as well as their motivation to act.
  5. Networking with other partners who share similar interest.

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