Ozubulu Killings: Court Grants Nonagenarian Native Doctor, Others Bail

An Ozubulu Magistrate’s court has granted bail to a 94 year-old native doctor and high priest of the dreaded Ndekwulu deity in the community and five others, charged following their alleged involvement in gruesome killings of some sons and daughters of Ozubulu at home and in the Diaspora.

Reports have it that some concerned Ozubulu youths including their executives who were allegedly miffed by a series of killings of their kith and kins at home and in South Africa especially took the matter up, that every citizen agreed for any lawful move to be adopted to stop the carnage.

They, however, went before the Ndekwulu shrine in the town, listing some names including even police officers, legal officers, community leaders, church leaders and others allegedly invoking the anger of the gods on any one it considered in any way involved in the series of murders.

They were immediately arrested, while a son of the community Kennel Ernest who we learnt was not involved in the action of the youths but because someone wanted his name and reputation imperiled was inexplicably listed.

Those arrested included Emeka Anaekwe, Anazo Ilomuanya, Ifediora Aloysius, Igbokwe Nnanyeleze and Okoli Appollo Udegbunam.

After their arrest and following the magistrate’s court’s ruling on the bail conditions requiring a letter of recognition from the traditional ruler or the community’s President General (PG), from each surety that must be from within the jurisdiction of the court.

These conditions were met but the monarch and the PG allegedly declined to sign in order to ensure their release. Consequently they were compelled to seek sureties from outside Ozubulu.

Following this development, complainants, Mr. Aloysius Ikegwuonu, aka “Bishop” and others presented a hold of execution citing irregularities on the part of the sureties and requirements hence, they cannot comply in signing or confirming these individuals to stand as sureties on behalf of the accused persons.

The case was therefore moved to a High Court for bail variation.

But the presiding judge discarded the bail conditions variation request and other averment as unconstitutional.

The police again filed a motion to stay execution of bail stating that the judge was biased and referred the case to Court of Appeal.

On the date of appeal hearing at Enugu, the judge ruled that never in history have they received a case on variation of bail. As such, ruled with ultimatum that the case be withdrawn with immediate effect.




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