LEDAP hosted a 2-day workshop for the Justice Reform Team of Yobe State which held on the 18th – 19th of March 2019.

The essence of the workshop was to review and adopt the ACJ Bill of Yobe State.

The Chairman of the House Committee on Justice and Religious Matters stated that the Bill, having passed the 1st and 2nd readings and being at the Committee stage is already a property of the House and as such they are committed to bringing it to fruition. He further stated that major steps have been taken towards passing the Bill and is very positive that the Bill will be passed in the presently constituted Assembly.

The Justice Reform Team, LEDAP, the Clerk and Deputy Clerk of the Yobe State House of Assembly reconvened to further deliberate and highlight the innovations of the Bill. Notable amongst the innovations are;

1. Section 412(7), where the dispensation given to the High Court Judge to continue to sit and conclude part-heard cases, after being elevated to the court of appeal, was extended to all “judges’ within the meaning of the word in the Bill.

2. Sections 427 to 430, wherein the Chief Registrar or the Officer in charge of the prison is authorized to give effect to capital sentences, where the Governor fails to act on same within a given time.

The Deputy Clerk in his closing remark gave his assurance that everything possible will be done to pass the Bill in this Assembly.