Drama As Prison Warden Assaults Lawyer In Court

By Unini Chioma -July 18, 2019

There was a mild drama at the Osun State High Court, Osogbo, on Tuesday, as a prison warden slapped a lawyer, Mr. Kasiamobi Eze Ngwoke, blueprint reports.

According to an eye witness, the prison official had slapped one of the inmates who was slow in entering the prison van after the court proceedings.

It was gathered that the lawyer who was apparently not happy with the way the inmate was treated, approached the warden to educate them that the inmate has not been convicted and his personal liberty should be respected.

Eye witness account revealed that the inmate is a client of Mr. Ngwoke.

The prison warden who was said to be unhappy with the manner of approach of the lawyer slapped him and threatened to shoot him.

The Magistrate, Mrs. Modupe Awodele, who was watching the drama from the court summoned the lawyer and the prison officials.

The Magistrate was said to have cautioned the prison officials that they have no right to maltreat or assault an accused, let alone a lawyer.

The Magistrate was said to have directed the lawyer to take appropriate legal action against the prison officials.

Speaking with our correspondent, Nnwoke said, “the prison officials particularly Fakorede A.S., slapped me when I went to them to confirm why they slapped my client.

He said he was already taking action against the prison warden when he was contacted on phone.

Efforts to get reaction of the prison warden proved futile as non of the officials contacted was willing to comment on the issue.