Ministry of Women Affairs should be renamed Ministry of Gender Issues and Social Development.

By:Douglas Ogbankwa Esq.

Recently ,the Edo State Governor,H.E. Mr. Godwin Obaseki ,renamed the Edo State Ministry of Women Affairs and Social Development as the Ministry of Social Development and Gender Issues.
This is keping with International Best Practices,as I do not know of any other Country in the World,where you stilk have the Ministry of Women Affairs.
So you may well have a Ministry of Men Affairs ,what about girls affairs and boys affairs!
Often times ,Feminists in our clime complain of sexism and mysogomy.Is the Ministry of Women Affairs,not discriminatory on the Men?

Men have their peculiar issues,which require same level of Social engagement as Women.If women have maternity leave ,why shouldn’t men have paternity leave ?
Infact ,Girls are likely to have more gender based issues than Women.But they are hardly attended to by the System.

It is a Society that does not understand the complexity of human existence that provides a gender discriminatory system for Social Issues.
I call on President Buhari to rename the Ministry of Women Affairs and tag it the Ministry of Gender Issues and and Social Development,Ditto for State Governors.

A Law Should also be made to make it compulsory for there to be a Pre Action Counselling Session with the State Ministry of Gender Issues and Social Development or its accredited specialised Agents ,before a Divorce Proceeding can be instituted. This way, many marriages will be savaged.

The rate of divorces in Nigeria is rife and proliferating.
This is what the Ministry should be concerned with.
There is no Office in our Laws as the Office of the First Lady ,either of the Country or of a State.
The Office should be scrapped and money used by them for their many jamborees used to tackle the major social issues.
For Example ,we can start with food stamps for the poor and an Educational Support System ,to support the undigent to go to School.
Feminists do not call for such laudable interventions .

Feminism in Nigeria is Elitist.
It is not all embracing.
How come Women talk about affirmative action ,only when they are seeking elective Offices and Political Appointments .
What happens to women seeking admissions into Universities ,seeking jobs in the Civil Service and the Private Sector,that are never considered in the Feminism Dragnet?