LieutenantColonel Silas Jock Santoi, sues The Federal Republic of Nigeria,before the ECOWAS Court of Justice , for the violation of his Fundamental right under sections 4(10, 2(b & c) and Section 34(1a) & 36(1) of the CFRN 1999(as amended)


That the Applicant in this case is Lieutenant Colonel Silas Jock Santoi (N/6788) of the Nigerian Army, who has since 2001,applied to seek for redress in accordance with Section 178 of the Armed Forces Act, due to some wrong doings against him by the Nigerian Military but is still being denied justice, even having referredhis complaints to a Court of Law in Nigeria (Justice delayed is justice denied).

That the Applicant started his military career in July 1978, as a Regular Combatant Cadet in the Nigerian Defence Academy and on completion of training, he was granted the Presidential Commission into the Nigerian Army as a Regular Combatant Officer in 1981, in the rank of Second Lieutenant.12.That the Applicant in April 1997 rose to the rank of a Lieutenant Colonel and was determined to progress to the rank of a General, hence he officially applied to further

4his education at the University of Maiduguri in 1999 and same was approved by the then Chief of Army Staff.13.That simply because the Applicant was granted sponsorship to study in the University, which he successfully completed, however he was subjected to ill-treatment and still being frustrated in the rank of a Lieutenant Colonel, while some of his mates progressed to the rank of a General.14.That this present Suit by the Applicant to seek for redress in ECOWAS Court is because of the gross violations of his Fundamental Human Rights, by both the Military and the Court in Nigeria who are agents of the Defendant.15.These violations include false accusations on sponsorship to the University of Maiduguri, jeopardy of his career prospect, the defamation of his character by the Military, who also denied him Medical treatment but instead accused him, that he has a Psychiatric problem.16.The Federal High Court of Nigeria, also, an Agentof the Defendant, is deliberately denying him justice due to conspiracy on his matter. The National Assembly and the Presidency in Nigeria have also failed to intervene and redress his complaints, despite all his petitions and several appeals done on his behalf by some organisations in Nigeria. Read the full Judgment here

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