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Escaping the Bonds of Trafficking

Imagine you are offered a new job in a foreign country, but when you arrive you are used as a sex slave. This happened to a 21-year-old Nigerian woman named Pamela — and is happening to thousands of women around the world. The UN Fund on Contemporary Forms of Slavery is helping Pamela and many other women rebuild their lives and obtain justice. See Pamela’s story on the OHCHR website here.


Experts Seminar On Contemporary Forms of Slavery

The Legal Defence and Assistance project is set to hold an ‘Experts Seminar to Address Contemporary Forms of Slavery” on the 4th of July 2017, in Abuja, Nigeria.

The Experts Seminar aims to address Child Marriage, Child Labour, and Trafficking in Persons in Nigeria by gathering experts to contribute to developing policy recommendations, and identify key stakeholders, as well as advocacy strategies to be implemented by LEDAP’s new Project on Contemporary Slavery.

The convening will launch the Project and create a network for potential collaborations in advocacy and grassroots work using the methods identified and developed by the experts, in collaboration with LEDAP.

LEDAP Condemns Senate’s Decision To Summon Judges

LEDAP’s National Coordinator, Mr Chino Obiagwu, in a statement on Sunday, notes that the legislature has no oversight power over judicial officers under the constitutional principle of separation of powers in sections 4, 5 and 6 of the 1999 Constitution.

Mr Obiagwu explained that it is only the National Judicial Council (NJC) that has the power of control and discipline of judges and justices of superior courts in Nigeria.

“Any interference by the legislature or the executive into the conduct of judges in carrying out their judicial functions will amount to unlawful interference with the independence of the judiciary.

“The 1999 Constitution, unlike the legal framework of past military regimes, has consolidated the independence of the judiciary and established the NJC as the only body responsible for management of the judiciary,” he stated.

The statement further reads in part: “LEDAP is concerned that the recent raid and arrest of judges and justices by the DSS, and continued assault and raid on judges by other agencies of the executive, have the effect of opening up the judiciary to unlawful and unconstitutional interference and intimidation by other arms of government, the reason for which the Senate has the temerity to speak about inviting judicial officers for questioning.

“LEDAP will shortly approach the courts to seek orders restraining any such invitation or summon of the arrested judicial officers as it amounts to attempt to brow-beat and intimidate the judiciary.

“There are a lot of corruption issues and corrupt politicians in the legislature and executive which should preoccupy the Senators.

“The scandal arising from the padding of the budget, which has been going on for many years in the legislature with connivance of the executive, as well as bogus and secretive huge allowances and emoluments claimed by legislators are more damaging economic crimes against the Nigerian people that the Senate should address rather than intimidating few judges alleged to be corrupt.

“There are several court orders directing the National Assembly to disclose salaries and emoluments of its members, and details of constituency allowances claimed yearly by legislators. It has refused to obey these judgements of the courts.

“Nigerian legislators, adjudged as the most corrupt and most expensive in the world, has no legal or moral right to superintendent over alleged corruption in the judiciary.”

LEDAP called on the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) to resist attempts by the executive and legislature “to control and manage the judiciary” as such situation will on the long run denigrate the judiciary and legal profession and threaten the rule of law.

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PRESS RELEASE: LEDAP Faults NBA on Arrested Judges, says Judges Cannot Step Aside

Lagos 22 October 2016: The Legal Defence & Assistance Project (LEDAP) has condemned the statement credited to the President of the Nigerian Bar Association, Mr. A. B. Mahmoud SAN calling on the judges and justices of various courts arrested by the State Security Services on 7th and 8th October 2016 to step aside until the end of the investigation on the allegations against them.

The NBA’s call negates the constitutional rights of the judicial officers to presumption of innocence, and overlooks the true purpose of the attack on the judges by the executive, which was to intimidate and brow-beat the judiciary into total submission to the whims and caprices of the executive arm of government.

NBA’s call for the suspension of these judges is more worrisome in situation where the association is not also calling for the investigation and prosecution of Rotimi Amaechi, the Minister of Transport, and other persons in government or connected with the ruling party who have been accused by the judges of attempting to bribe them and interfering with administration of justice.
LEDAP is convinced that the State Security Services acted beyond its powers in searching the premises of the judicial officers and in arrested them, because its enabling statute limits its duties to the detection and prevention of crimes against the internal security of Nigeria.

It is wrong for the NBA to rely on such illegal and provocative raid and arrest of the judges to demand that they are suspended pending investigations on the allegations against them. Such suspension of the judges will give cloth of legality to an illegality. The State Security Service has no powers under the National Security Agencies Act or any other law to undertake investigation and prosecution of corruption and economic crimes. There is no way the judicial officers who were unduly and unjustifiably molested, embarrassed and intimidated by the SSS are expected to step aside or be suspended because of the illegal raid on them. Rather, LEDAP expects the NBA to be vigorously calling for the arrest and prosecution of the officials of the State Security Services who authorized, or participated in the unlawful attack on the judges.

The NBA, as the umbrella association of lawyers, including the judicial officers, and the voice of the legal profession, has the legal and moral duties to protect the integrity of judicial officials and the independence of the judiciary. To make a u-turn from its initial stand, in which it strongly condemned the search and arrest of the judicial officials, and now to call for their suspension or reclusion, is an unfortunate compromise on due process and independence of the judiciary.
Judicial officers, by the nature of their judicial calling, are voiceless. Thus, only the NBA can stand and speak for them. If the NBA turns its back on judicial officials at this time that the executive wants to brow-beat and denigrate the judiciary and the legal profession, it portends great danger to the rule of law and democracy in Nigeria.

LEDAP wishes to remind the leadership of the NBA that the right to presumption of innocence is a cardinal principle in justice delivery, and if the judicial officials are forced to step down, they would have been accused and adjudged guilty even by a body that is not authorized by law to do so.
LEDAP calls on the President of the NBA to withdraw this part of his delivery in the statements credited to him at the valedictory session of Hon Justice Denton West, and to continue to stand with the progressive elements in the justice sector to demand the prosecution of the officers of SSS that unlawfully attacked and arrested the judges. If there is an allegation against any judge, it should be sent to the NJC who is constitutionally mandated to handle the discipline of judicial officers, and if such complaint is found to involve commission of crime, refer the case to the appropriate agency authorized by law to investigate and prosecute such crime.

The NBA under the new leadership of A. B. Mahmoud SAN should work with the NJC to improve on its compliant-management system rather than allow the executive arm of government to interfere with the independence and integrity of the judiciary.

Chino Obiagwu
National Coordinator

LEDAP’s Drivetime Twitter Campaign For World Day Against The Death Penalty

Almost everyday, someone is sentenced to death in Nigeria. Many are innocent indigents who have poor legal services.
Do they deserve the #DEATHPENALTY?

@ledapnigeria as we embark on adrivetime twitter campaign from 4:30pm – 7:00pm to say #NOTODEATHPENALTY
10th October, 2016

4:30pm – 5:30pm
In the first hour we will share the videos and pictures of those who were sentenced to death and have now been #Exonerated and facts about the #deathpenalty in Nigeria.
5:30pm -6:00pm
Meet The Lawyer
Meet Criminal law & Human
Rights Expert and the lead counsel on the #deathpenalty cases @chinoobiagwu.
6:00pm – 7:00pm
Discuss the use of the #deathpenalty for terrorism related offences with @olutopopoola an International Lawyer and an Advocate/Adviser on the #deathpenalty at Amnesty International.

DAILY TRUST: LEDAP Reacts To Judges’ Arrest


The Legal Defence and Assistance Project (LEDAP) has condemned the arrest of and assault on some judges across Nigeria following the raid of their residences by the Department of State Services (DSS).

The night raid, according to LEDAP, was a flagrant assault on the rule of law and interference with the integrity and independence of the judiciary.

“It amounts to crass intimidation of judges, which is the first line of attack of dictatorships,” it said.

Chino Obiagwu, National Coordinator LEDAP called on all lawyers to rise in unison to condemn this attack on the judiciary by the Executive, and in solidarity and in protest to boycott the courts next week from Monday October 10 to Friday October 14 2016 in order to send strong message to President Muhammadu Buhari’s regime that the legal profession will not stand by and watch the desecration and denigration of the judiciary.

“It is to the detriment of the Bar and Bench in Nigeria for the security agencies to make spurious allegations and illegally try judges in the pages of newspapers. It raises wrong and unjustified public perception of the justice system, and impugns on public confidence in justice and governance.

“LEDAP calls on the federal government to immediately investigate and punish security officials implicated in this unwholesome act. It was wrong to execute improperly issued and illegally executed search warrants at night on judges, and in any event, without prior recourse to the head of the judiciary. The constitutional principle of separation of powers is sacrosanct and once eroded, will drive Nigeria to a tyranny” Obiagwu said.