Call for short consultancies for baseline assessment on ACJAimplementation in Anambra, Delta, Jigawa, Plateau, Yobe and Rivers State,and the FCT

Project title: Deploying Administration of Criminal Justice Act 2015 in tackling corruption in Nigeria

  1. Introduction

LEDAP Legal Defence & Assistance Project, a justice serviced non-profit organisation, received support from John D and Catherine D MacArthur Foundation to undertake the project of ‘advancing the implementation of the Administration of Criminal Justice Act 2015 to tackle corruption and related crimes in Nigeria’.

To this end, the project team seeks to undertake a baseline survey of the target areas of the project in order to understand the situation of investigation and prosecution of such cases so as to measure the progress made in the project. Successfully completed consultancies may be renewed to conduct end-project assessments in mid 2020.

The duration of the consultancy is for three weeks, comprising 5 fee-days of field work and 3 fee-days of preparation of report and slides of the finding.

Mid-project outputs assessment and end project impact assessment will later be conducted to measure the progress made against the finding of the baseline survey. It is therefore expected that the findings of the baseline assessment will be empirically and analytically accurate against the identified indicators.

Consequently, LEDAP seeks experts in not only baseline assessment and analysis of findings, but with considerable insight into the system of investigation and prosecution of corruption and related cases. Access to the anti corruption agencies, relevant arms of the police, and prosecutors’ offices will be an added advantage.

  1. Location of survey:

Federal level investigation and prosecutions; six states of Anambra, Delta, Enugu, Jigawa, Yobe and Rivers

Consequently, LEDAP calls for expression of Interest from interested consultants with experience in field study on justice delivery and empirical baseline research based in the indicated six state and in the Federal Capital Territory. A consultant will be appointed for each of the states, and one for the FCT and the assessment of federal agencies

  1. Description of activity:

The survey will be conducted by six selected consultants, one for each state and at federal level. In order to ensure consistency of methodology and analysis of findings, one of the selected consultants will coordinate other consultants (Lead consultant).

The baseline survey is to identify the following facts in the investigation and prosecution of corruption and related cases in the relevant institutions and, using the identified indicators below, articulate the empirical findings, the challenges faced, and locations, pattern, and causes of the challenges. Where possible, recommendations on how to overcome the challenges may be suggested.

It is expected that the consultants will work with the relevant Justice Reform Teams of the states in order to integrate the findings in the overall scheme of any on-going justice reforms in the respective states.

The study will collect current factual information on the following issues:


  1. Key agencies, departments, and directorates (offices) involved in investigation and prosecution of corruption cases at the federal and state levels.


  1. Number of corruption cases reported/booked/taken up by each of the identified agencies, departments or directorates in a year/month
  2. Number of corruption cases for which investigation was completed in a year/month
  3. Number of investigated cases charged to court
  4. Number of investigated cases closed/dropped, and reasons
  5. Segregation of suspects (gender, political exposure, economic crimes, public officers, others)
  6. Average time taken to investigate each category of corruption or economic crime.
  7. Key challenges in investigation of corruption cases


  1. Number (and percentage) of investigated cases that are charged to court
  2. Number (and percentage) of charged cases that proceeded to trial
  3. Length of time between end of investigation, charge to court, arraignment, trial and conclusion of trial, and judgment.
  4. Number (and percentage) of tried cases resulting in conviction, and in acquittal in 2017-2018-2019
  5. Segregation of prosecuted cases (gender, political exposure, accomplices to politically exposed, economic crimes, public officers, others)
  6. Key challenges in prosecution of corruption and related cases.

Compliance with ACJA

  1. Level of awarenessof existence of ACJA/ACJL of the investigators and prosecutors
  2. Level of compliance with provision of ACJA/ACJL in investigation and prosecution of cases
  3. Challenges faced in complying with provisions of ACJA/ACJL
  1. Date for assessment: November 10  to 30 2019
  2. Remuneration: Lead consultant (1) to handle one state or the federal level and in addition, oversee other consultants: Consultancy fee of N300, 000 for maximum of 10 fee days (comprising 5 fee-days of field work, 2 fee days of developing survey tools (questionnaires and sample survey guide, and half-day training of selected consultants, and 3 days of report preparation)

State-level Consultants (for each of six project states) to handle the survey in the designated state, consultancy fee of N200,000 for maximum of 8 days (comprising 5 days of field work and 3 days of report preparation)

  1. Expenses: N25,000 local transport and out of pocket expenses for field work.
  1. Deliverable:

1.                   Prepare questionnaire and survey guide for collection of information (lead consultant) – Week 1

2.                   Completed questionnaires/filed field data collection form (to be submitted for all agencies/officials interviewed) – Week 2-3

3.                   Summary of findings – Week 3

4.                   Analysis of finding (in narrative and PowerPoint slides) – week 4

Please send expression of interest and indication that you are available within Nov 10-30 2019 for the assessment to, on or before October 31 2019 Consultancy contracts will be concluded by November 4 2019. For more information, please call or send whatsApp message to 08036913264.

LEDAP is an equal opportunity employer, including for short term employment as advertised.  Persons with disabilities and social minorities are encouraged to apply.

Roseline Okoro

Legal/Project officer, LEDAP – Legal Defence & Assistance Project