Ayodele Ogunlana Freed By LEDAP After 7 Years On Death Row


Mr. Ayodele Ogunlana and Mr. Kelvin Inyam were both charged with Armed Robbery and Conspiracy To Commit Armed Robbery under Section 402 of The Criminal Code. Mr. Ayodele was found not guilty and was discharged and acquitted by Hon. Justice A. O. Akinlade of the Lagos High Court. The other accused person, Mr. Kelvin was found guilty as charged and was sentenced to death by hanging.

Ayodele Ogunlana, from Oke-Ife, Ijebu-Ife, Ogun State, was charged with Armed Robbery and Conspiracy To Commit Armed Robbery. The Mobile Police arrested Ayodele, and a person simply identified as Kenfenro, on the 11th of June 2008. He was then taken to the Mobile Police Barracks in Ikeja where he spent a day and was later on transferred to SARS where he was detained for four months. He was thereafter arraigned in court in October 2008.


Ayodele admitted that his family applied the concept of ‘tough love’ as they were Ayodele Ogunlana 2reluctant to help him during his time in prison due to his stubbornness and disregard for his educational background.

“They sent me to school but I did not learn, so they are annoyed that I am stubborn.”

Ayodele was raised in a family of 7, of which 1 is deceased, and so is his Father. He maintained close contact with his family whilst in prison, especially his Mum.

“From prison I always talk to my Mum on phone. The last time I spoke with my Mum was yesterday night. I told her my judgment day was today and God really showed me mercy.”


With a view usually contrary to most experiences as recounted by previous prisoners, Ayodele likened his experience behind bars to that of a higher institution where he was able to develop qualities like endurance, resourcefulness and also attain both academic and spiritual growth.

“In prison, one can use small thing to establish something. There is everything inside prison. There is church, school, etc. I was not going to church but I started attending church from prison. My life changed. I (saw) prison as a corrupt center but it can reform people into good people. My prison experience will make me a normal person because I saw people dying everyday when they are condemned to death. I got the experience to do small business and make money in prison. I believe that if I am given small money for business, I can start up and grow into a bigger man.”



“I really thank all those who came to my aid especially LEDAP, Sister Pamela, Pastor Popoola and the rest of them. May God bless them.