Month: August 2017

LEDAP Contemporary Slavery Project

On Tuesday July 4th 2017, the Legal Defence and Assistance Project (LEDAP) launched its Project on Contemporary Slavery by conducting an ‘Experts Seminar on Strategies to Address Contemporary Forms of Slavery’. This Project will begin both advocacy and grassroots work for advancement in the areas of Child Marriage, Child Labour and Trafficking in Persons. In presenting a Background Paper based on research conducted by LEDAP’s research assistants, the presenter highlighted that efforts to curb contemporary slavery in Nigeria require collaboration across board between NGOs, the government, international bodies and persons/bodies working to see the end of contemporary slavery in Nigeria and around the world. To download the extended Seminar Report and the Background Paper, please click the links below:

LEDAP Seminar Report- Contemporary Slavery

Background Paper on Contemporary Slavery



Escaping the Bonds of Trafficking

Imagine you are offered a new job in a foreign country, but when you arrive you are used as a sex slave. This happened to a 21-year-old Nigerian woman named Pamela — and is happening to thousands of women around the world. The UN Fund on Contemporary Forms of Slavery is helping Pamela and many other women rebuild their lives and obtain justice. See Pamela’s story on the OHCHR website here.